Financial Education

Beginner’s Guide to Financial Education

Looking for a good financial education program that will give you financial knowledge? I got you covered.

I created this site to help young adults become financially educated. Let’s Get Started!

Step 1: Analyze Your Financial Life

​Read these two Financial Articles before you go to the second step.  They are very crucial to your learning experience.

1) Examine Your Financial Life  .    2) Things That Make You Poor and Keep You Broke.

Step 2: Take The Financial Tutorials Below

  1. Money Tutorial
  2. Credit Tutorials
  3. Banking Tutorial
  4. Budgeting Tutorial
  5. Investing Tutorial
  6. Extra Income Ideas Tutorial
  7. Mortgage Tutorial

Step 3: Create a Financial Plan

​Simply organizing your financial life and becoming financially educated make it easy to organize your finances. Simply put, creating a financial plan is how you keep your personal finances in order. You keep more money when your personal finances are in order. Click here to learn about financial planning process.

Step 4: Implement Your Financial Plan

Financial plans are create for you to follow.  So enjoy doing it. Update it when needed. Then, watch your financial life change for the better.

Other Financial Information Websites

​There are many sites that give a lot of information about personal finances. But are they talking from something that they experience? Probably not. Well I am.

From personal experiences, I created some Financial Tutorials that will help you manage your money.  Read My Story Here .

What is Financial Literacy?

Financial literacy is having the ability to manage your money wisely.

Who needs financial education?

Everybody needs it. Some feel it is for low income folks.  Yes that is true.  They need it and so do you.

I wasn’t low income but I was financially illiterate. I had a college degree. I didn’t understand how to manage my money. No matter what level of income you have, investing in a good financial education program should be explored.  Otherwise, you will not be able to make wise financial decisions.

Who should participate in Financial Education Programs

  • Kids
  • Teens
  • Young Adults
  • Adults, Retirees
  • Seniors
  • All levels of income
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