Mortgage Tutorial

Are you ready to purchase a house? Do you want to keep more money when you purchase your house? Are you looking for a mortgage but have no clue how to get one. Take this mortgage tutorial.

7 Organizations that can give you information about getting a mortgage.

  1. HUD – Visit their website @ http:// website supplies a lot of good information about purchasing a home. It also gives a plenty of quality information about mortgages and how to obtain one. You can also watch home buying videos on the site.

  1. USDA – Visit their website @

USDA offers mortgages to individuals wanting to purchase a house in a rural area. You have to go to the above website to find out if the house you want to buy is located in a qualified area.

  1. State Housing Agency in your area.

Each state has a different agency so you have to do a search in Google or any search engine for this information.

  1. Local CDC’s in your area. They usually help low income families and some moderate income families obtain affordable housing.
  2. Local Hud Approved Housing Agencies that specializes in housing counseling. Check the HUD website @ for an Hud approved housing agency in your area
  3. Habitat For Humanity

To find a habitat for humanity location in your areas go to

Then click on apply for a house.
It will take you to an area where you can enter your zip code to find habitat location in your area.
​7. Public Housing Agencies

Talk To Your Public Housing Agencies (PHA’s) in your local area about HUD’s Section 8 Voucher Program.

Below are some basic steps to take to get started.
Visit a housing counselor
Gradually build your credit
Start paying down or pay off your debt
Get pre qualified for a mortgage
Apply for a mortgage from several lenders
Once approved do a mortgage comparison
Understand the terms of the mortgage before you go to closing
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